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2024-25 Tryouts

Below are the current tryout dates for  teams  holding open tryouts for the upcoming season.    Additional dates along with times and location will be updated in the near future.

If you are unable to make these dates or have questions, please email

Please register for the 2024-25 season using the the registration form below.

For a private tryout, please use the registration form below.

Below are the current head coaches for the 2024-25 season.  

2024-25 Coaches

Team Name Email Phone
6u TBD Contact if Interested  
8u Futures Andy Perry 515-231-3598
9u TBD Contact if Interested  
9uZM Zach MIller 815-354-7381
10uKH Kara Hall 815-219-8753
10uJK Jon Kalal 815-404-9396
11uAK Amy Kroyer 847-529-2785
11uRB Robert Beaudoin 847-533-9151
12uJP Jaylee Pfau 815-529-8273
12PM Pete Mader 815-276-1484
13uKD Kristie DeBolt 224-305-5936
13uBD Indiana Magic Brad Dyer 847-544-8754
14uRB Ric Bacon 815-814-8867
14uJD Joe Davignon 630-479-7859
15u JR Fullington
Joe Hird
15uBC Iowa Premier Brent Carroll 847-269-8112
16uDD Don DiSilvio 630-263-2426
16uJT Iowa Premier Jessica Turner 815-762-1920
16u New Rick Lieflander 815-575-6115
18uPC Pat Clancy 847-894-1141
18uAA Alexis Addante 847-648-1666
18uBC Iowa Premier Brent Carroll 847-269-8112

Interested in Coaching? CTW is looking to expand our coaching staff and teams for 2024-2025

 Please submit the form below for consideration.


Congrats Mackenzie on your commitment to Quincy University!

Congrats Mackenzie on your commitment to Quincy University!

Congrats Mackennzie - Quincy University

Congrats Christina Smith on your commitment to Washington University!


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