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2022-23 Team Status

Team Name Email Phone Team Status
6u Futures Andy Perry 515-231-3598 Open Registration
8u Futures Paul Forth 847-340-9692 Roster Full
9u Amy Kroyer 847-529-2785

.One Player

9uRB Robert Beaudoin 847-533-9151 Roster Full
10uJM Joshua Miller 847-418-6033 One Player
10uPM Pete Mader 815-276-1484 Roster Full
11uBD Brad Dyer 847-544-8754 Roster Full
11uKD Kristie DeBolt 224-305-5936 Roster Full
12uNB Nathan Bowles 815-519-5099 One Player
12uDW Denny White 630-417-9694 One Player
13uAH Ashley Hoerning 847-668-3758 Roster Full
13uDK Dan Kozlowski 847-514-6559 Roster Full
14uJT Jessica Turner 815-762-1920 Roster Full
14uNK Norm Kugler 847-922-9614 1 Player
15uBC Brent Carroll 847-269-8112 2 Players due to injuries
15uPC Pat Clancy 847-894-1141 1 Player - Pitcher
16uAA Alexis Addante 847-648-1666 One Player
16uDH Dan Huels 847-341-7521 One Player
18uDD Don Di Silvio 630-263-2426 One Player

Interested in Coaching? CTW is looking to expand our coaching staff and teams for 2022-2023

 Please submit the form below for consideration.


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